Wine List

A wide assortment of the best Italian wines

The italian wine production is enormous, therefore we selected the most representative labels from the main wine-producer regions , so we can offer you about 800 labels.

Starting with bodied red wines and aromatic whites from piemonte, we are going to the eastern regions of the “three Venezie”, were the wines has a delicate aroma and fruity. then through the pleasant hills of “Chianti” (Tuscany), we find the best and famous labels: Chianti, Brunello, Tignanello, Sassicaia.

We go then to the sunny south of the peninsula, to taste the famous wines from Campania and Sicily, with the fragrance of the lemon and peaches and at the bottom, the little after taste of sulphur and lava, given by the volcanic fields of the Vesuvio and Etna.

After your meal, you can also enjoy a wide selection of distilled spirits, we could stay much longer speaking about our wines; the best you can do is: come and try them!